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West End Grill has a private side room available to host your next party or get-together.  
The room can comfortably accommodate 40 people for a non-catered party, or 30 with a catered party.
Please review the following information to see what requirements must be met in order to reserve our side room.
Also, please note that we do not reserve the side room, or take reservations during our peak lunch hours, due to our high volume during this time.
We will gladly work with you on reservations times after 1:30 PM during the week.
If you are interested in booking the side room or would like more information on catering options for your event, please contact:
Erica Ham 

Party Room Reservation

Requirements as of 2019


Party must consist of 20 or more people*

Party must spend at least $250 on food and drinks*

There will be a time limit of 2 hours for each party*


Party must call the day before to confirm or cancel the reservation and give and approximate head count.


*Your party will be charged a $100.00 room fee if these criteria are not met.


These are the requirements for reserving the side room. This is not the requirements for having your party here. We welcome all groups and parties. We would love to serve you, we had to implement these requirements due to our growth and need the space the room provides. We hope to see you soon!



                              West End Grill

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